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#31774 duplicate "#board" anchor on people page doesn't work hiro arma
Description doesn't send me to the 'board' section of the page.

Whereas does send me to the core section.

In the html, I see a

<div id="core" class="container py-3">

but there is no corresponding id="board" anywhere.

#17070 fixed ".local" is mDNS for the local network, but tor assumes localhost jryans teor

tor_addr_hostname_is_local labels hostnames ending in ".local" as resolving to the loopback address. But ".local" is used for multicast DNS, so some names ending in ".local" may be on the local network(s), and not on or ::1 or the associated netblocks.

However, the current implementation is probably doing the right thing anyway, as allowing ".local" over SOCKS/Tor could open up access to servers or devices on Exit relays' local networks, which has security implications.

This may require a documentation change, or perhaps refactoring and review of all uses of tor_addr_hostname_is_local to see if they want only localhost, or local networks as well.

#27626 fixed "<-- -->" at the top of every page teor

There's a "<-- -->" at the top of every page.

It looks like a typo: HTML comments are "<!-- -->".

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