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#31955 fixed macOS: avoid throwing inside nonBrowserWindowStartup() tbb-team mcs

On macOS, opening the Page Info window and other "non browser windows" causes a message like this to appear on the Browser Console:

TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null nonbrowser-mac.js:105:14

This happens because the code inside the nonBrowserWindowStartup() function (in browser/base/content/nonbrowser-mac.js) is blindly looking for a DOM element that is only present in the Mac hidden window. Kathy and I have a patch for this which we should try to upstream to Firefox as well.

#31954 fixed Make sure -webkit-device-pixel-ratio is no fingerprinting risk tbb-team gk

In Firefox 63 finally support landed for webkit prefixed device-pixel-ratio media queries ( We should make sure this does not undermine our fingerprinting resistance.

#31953 fixed IllegalStateException on fresh instances metrics-team irl

I think this could be related to #26711. Running the updater on a fresh instance will end with an IllegalStateException:

2019-10-03 13:32:21,831 INFO o.t.m.o.cron.Main:193 Shutting down.
2019-10-03 13:32:21,831 DEBUG o.t.m.o.u.DescriptorSource:217 Writing parse histories for recent descriptors...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Operation is not permitted before finishing to read.
	at org.torproject.descriptor.impl.DescriptorReaderImpl.getExcludedFiles(
	at org.torproject.metrics.onionoo.updater.DescriptorQueue.writeHistoryFile(
	at org.torproject.metrics.onionoo.updater.DescriptorSource.writeHistoryFiles(
	at org.torproject.metrics.onionoo.cron.Main.shutDown(
	at org.torproject.metrics.onionoo.cron.Main.runOrScheduleExecutions(
	at org.torproject.metrics.onionoo.cron.Main.main(
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