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#8074 fixed Research making Tor-logo webcam bandaids Kelley arma

Right now we give out Tor stickers designed for the back of your laptop. Everybody in the world needs a smaller bandaid-form-factor Tor sticker to go on the front of your laptop, at the top where the little spy device is.

How hard / expensive would it be to make good quality stickers?

(Idea came from a nice fellow in NYC that I met at the Access awards night.)

#10587 fixed Crowdfunding (parts of) the Tor Project Kelley malexmave

In the discussion on 30c3, the idea of a crowdfunding campaign came up.

Such a campaign would work on getting funding for a specific new Feature for the Tor Project, be it a new website, specific enhancements to the TBB or Tor, or other things.

It would require:

  1. People to organize it
  2. A specific goal (and comprehensible description of the relevance of that goal) and a price tag for that goal
  3. Pledge tiers (Stickers, Shirts, ...?)
  4. ...?

An example for what a basic crowdfunding could look like would be the GnuPG crowdfunding drive:

I would propose to use this ticket for discussion on the topic, and, once a consensus has been reached, to create new tickets for the individual tasks associated with a crowdfunding drive.

#10964 fixed Review hosting logistics and details. Kelley Kelley

Lunar and Kelley will meet to outline the list of logistics needed for the summer 2014 dev meeting.

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