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#1184 fixed Sending useless relay cells after the destroy cell arma

r9913 took out the "clear cell queue after sending destroy cell" logic.

Bug 1150 (comment 3519) points out that the cells are just going to get dropped by the other side anyway.

I think it's right.

There are three places that call connection_or_send_destroy().

The first is in relay.c, where we unlink the circ from the n_conn immediately after.

The second is in command.c, where we refuse new circuits for various reasons. No cells queued yet.

The third is in circuitlist.c, during circuit-mark-for-close. So the question is, if the circuit is marked, do we really want to still be trying to send its cells? Either it got marked from the other side, in which case the other side has already decided it doesn't want to hear from us. Or it got marked from our side, in which case either that was an error (circuit needs to die) or it has no streams on it, in which case there's no harm in clearing its queue.

Did I miss anything?

Perhaps we should check, in main.c when we're considering whether to mark it because it's idle, whether there are any cells still in its queue.

Or maybe we should just pass an argument into connection_or_send_destroy() from the truncate case in relay.c saying "clear the queue please". Then we can remain ambiguous in the cases above where I said "no harm because surely the queue has nothing in it". That's certainly the safest approach, but wouldn't it be nice to simplify rather than complexify? :)

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#1186 fixed Startup "non-tor" doesn't work... JofCore

I would like my browser to always start up with Tor / Torbutton disabled, regardless of how the browser was shut down. I usually disable Tor / Torbutton before I exit my browser, but occasionally I forget, so I'd like it if it automatically was disabled on startup of the browser.

There is an option under Security Settings -> Startup that seems to be aimed at what I would like, but for some reason it doesn't appear to work properly for me.

I have my setting currently set to:

On normal startup, set Tor state to: Non-Tor On session restored startup, set Tor state to: Non-Tor

However, if I close my browser w/out first clicking tor / torbutton off and then restart my browser, the Tor status is still set to disabled, which seems to be contrary to how my settings are set.

Am I missing something or is this feature not working properly? Does anyone else have this issue or am I doing something wrong?


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#1190 fixed Renegotiation bug still present on OpenBSD 4.6 stable nickm nixmlists

Renegotiation bug still present on OpenBSD 4.6 with applied.

Results in the supposedly fixed TLS renegotiation errors in .21, and prevents it from working. Works without the patch, but that leaves the whole system vulnerable.

[warn] TLS error: unexpected close while renegotiating

same exact problem with

OpenBSD 4.6 ships with OpenSSL 0.9.8k

What is the work-around?

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