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#1043 None "LongLivesPorts" don't work, bandwitch trafic , eventDNS, overloads stars


I have found a few bugs on Master 2.2 alpha dev with "circvum windows" patch on ubuntu jaunty x86 64, libevent 1.3e

"LongLivesPorts" don't work, all programs like irc, chat ect... close the connections in a couple secounds or minutes.

i have added manualy the command in torrc but make no difference.

Tor become many more trafic "recieve" as "send" ex: 200KB in and only 130 KB out . i run with "DirPort" so it don't seem normal.

many warn "eventDNS" , in 2 days 3 times tor was overloaded and crashed vidalia. ( i run 4 cpus ) and tor prcocess was only 2 %

With the patch "circvum windows", when i connect me to a site who open some page or connections on same circuit, the page don't load or are extrem slow.

ex: when will try a speed test or decloak, when are on the last speed test or when decloak will give the final result, the page don't load and some connections stay connected on the circuit. so need many time close it manually

about logs, are nothing who can help except the many "eventDnS" error

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#7157 implemented "Low circuit success rate %u/%u for guard %s=%s." arma

I'm seeing this "low circuit success rate" warning on my client sometimes when on a flaky wireless network connection.

I'm guessing that the problem is that we're blaming the guard when we should in fact be blaming the network.

We should a) figure out how to improve the log message so we get more hints about where our bug is, and/or b) just straight-out hunt for it.

Mike suggests raising the number of circuits we have to make before we'll spit out the warning. I expect that will mask the bug, but not find or resolve it.

Bug report originally raised in #7066.

#19906 fixed "Maximizing Tor Browser" Notification can exist multiple times tbb-team oldmanjohnson

The following Message that overlays the top part of the browser when maximizing it, can open itself multiple times. See

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Tor (6.0.3)
  2. Maximize (message shows up)
  3. Revert to other size then maximum / minimum
  4. Repeat 2,3

Multiple messages now lie on top of each other which have to be closed individually.

Expected behavior: Only one of those messages can be open at one time.

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