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#7157 implemented "Low circuit success rate %u/%u for guard %s=%s." arma

I'm seeing this "low circuit success rate" warning on my client sometimes when on a flaky wireless network connection.

I'm guessing that the problem is that we're blaming the guard when we should in fact be blaming the network.

We should a) figure out how to improve the log message so we get more hints about where our bug is, and/or b) just straight-out hunt for it.

Mike suggests raising the number of circuits we have to make before we'll spit out the warning. I expect that will mask the bug, but not find or resolve it.

Bug report originally raised in #7066.

#19906 fixed "Maximizing Tor Browser" Notification can exist multiple times tbb-team oldmanjohnson

The following Message that overlays the top part of the browser when maximizing it, can open itself multiple times. See

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Tor (6.0.3)
  2. Maximize (message shows up)
  3. Revert to other size then maximum / minimum
  4. Repeat 2,3

Multiple messages now lie on top of each other which have to be closed individually.

Expected behavior: Only one of those messages can be open at one time.

#24120 fixed "Maximum number of external links per post exceeded" is cramping my style qbi dcf

I tried to edit doc/MetricsTimeline, adding 6 six external links to domains. I got the error "Maximum number of external links per post exceeded" with a captcha; but even after solving the captcha it doesn't let me post.

The workaround is tedious: break one edit into several edits that each add only a couple of links.

A cypherpunks recently ran into the same problem while making constructive edits and filed #23999. They are working around it at org/projects/WeSupportTor by writing links as https:!! instead of

I realize that the link limit is probably an anti-spam measure. I don't necessarily expect you to remove it. I just want to report these false positives to help you tune it. I know this ticket isn't actionable. I won't be upset if you close it as wontfix.

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