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#32508 fixed opening about:preferences#privacy from the security toolbar button leads to adding about:preferences#tor items at the end of about:preferences#privacy pospeselr boklm

Someone reported this on the blog:

Using the icon on the toolbar to change the security level is showing the "Privacy & Security" and "Tor" settings in the same pane, while they are in two different ones when opening them through the hamburger menu and selecting "Preferences".

I am not sure if it is a bug, or if it is intentional.

#32505 fixed Tighten our rules in our entitlements file for macOS gk gk

comment:40:ticket:30126 mentions two possible rules we could tighten in our entitelments file:

The former seems indeed to be a clear winner but I am not sure about the latter as we usually don't want to break the expected behavior for users installing WebExtensions (even if we don't recommend it).

We could think about more rules to be tightened while we are at it.

#32500 fixed consider clang -std=gnu99 in Travis for better C99 portability teor catalyst

In #32495, we discovered that -Wtypedef-redefinition doesn't seem to work on clang unless -std=gnu99 or similar is used. (typedef redefinitions are apparently allowed in C11) It does seem to work on FreeBSD's cc for some reason, but we don't use FreeBSD in Travis.

We should consider using something like -std=gnu99 in our Travis configuration for clang, so we can catch additional instances of this sort of portability problem earlier.

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