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#24120 fixed "Maximum number of external links per post exceeded" is cramping my style qbi dcf

I tried to edit doc/MetricsTimeline, adding 6 six external links to domains. I got the error "Maximum number of external links per post exceeded" with a captcha; but even after solving the captcha it doesn't let me post.

The workaround is tedious: break one edit into several edits that each add only a couple of links.

A cypherpunks recently ran into the same problem while making constructive edits and filed #23999. They are working around it at org/projects/WeSupportTor by writing links as https:!! instead of

I realize that the link limit is probably an anti-spam measure. I don't necessarily expect you to remove it. I just want to report these false positives to help you tune it. I know this ticket isn't actionable. I won't be upset if you close it as wontfix.

#18590 worksforme "My reported tickets" doesn't work like "my tickets" Sebastian cypherpunks

In the bug tracker, I can sort "my tickets" by date easily, but what I wanted was actually "my reported tickets" and it has no such option. The cypherpunks user has 559 tickets which makes it difficult to find stuff I just submitted. There's no obvious default order. It's not date. Please make this list sortable like "my tickets (all)".

#10144 worksforme "Never allow" doesn't work in the canvas popup mikeperry cypherpunks

Dear Tor Developer, I've visited "Jesse's Cafe Americain" using Tor browser at this address for several years and always get the warning from Tor that this website "attempted to access image data on a canvas" (an ID security breach). At the bottom of the warning box there is a selection button allowing me to choose to "allow" this behavior or to "never allow" this behavior. I always choose "never allow" and that has always worked until my recent upgrade to Tor 2.3.25-14. Now, the warning still appears, the selection box still appears with both options, but the "never allow" option can't actually be activated. When I click "never allow" the "allow" default doesn't change and the warning box disappears with the "allow" option unchanged. As part of the fix, I suggest you change the warning box option to default on "never allow" and force users to select "allow" at their own risk. Thank you for all you do,

  • L. H. Melvin
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