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#74 Fixed Servers bloat memory from spawned children arma

When we fork, our children inherit the memory from the main Tor process, which can be 50MB or more. Since it's copy-on-write, no problem so far. But when the main Tor process changes the memory, or frees it, then it gets copied so the child has a clean copy.

So we end up using 50+MB per child. When we spawn a lot of dnsworkers, this becomes really bad.

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#75 Duplicate please check age of directory that is downloaded weasel

For some reasons there are servers out there that serve a directory that is weeks old published 2005-01-13 20:56:38 ( published 2005-01-20 06:57:34 (

When clients fetch a directory with an out of date recommended-versions field they will shutdown. Jan 25 04:47:56.760 [err] You are running Tor version, which will not work with this network. Please use one of....

Please make the tor client not accept directories older than a day or so.

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#76 Fixed don't ask unverified nodes for a directory arma

Unverified nodes sometimes have really weird bandwidth shaping, and they also sometimes have really wrong clocks. So asking them for a directory is just asking for trouble, and there are enough other mirrors that we should be ok.

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