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#1222 fixed Tor falsely believing to be offline noino667

Actually, don't know if it's a bug in the server or client, or both. Running Tor server on Win 2k, low bandwidth & severely port limited but still technically an exit; not using the client much, I still will let the server run unattended for days at times. The problem is, after Tor and computer have run unattended for say a dozen hours, when I come back and make a client request myself thru Tor, I will get this notice : "Application request when we're believed to be offline." After which Tor (successfully)fetches directory information again.

I told of this problem on the IRC chat in the past, but apparently it hasn't made its way to the bug repository :(

Questions : - why did Tor believe it was "offline" ? Or is the warning bogus ? Was the /server/ still relaying and exiting in the meantime ? I wonder why I would leave the puter running if Tor *really* falls asleep :=)

  • Workaround, any ? Maybe send some sort of (TCP-)ping thru Tor at regular intervals ?

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#1227 fixed Pidgin in tor-im-browser bundle keeps logs phobos phobos

The pidgin configuration keeps log files. moeedsalam says it should not. Figure out how to change it.

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#1235 fixed TorButton message is confusing and scary adam

The Torbutton error "Torbutton blocked changed-state history manipulation. This is to work around af irefox security bug.

Hit enter in the location box or opena new window or tab instead." is scary and confusing.

Suggested replacement:

"Torbutton blocked changed-state history manipulation to protect your privacy. If you have windows or tabs which are suddenly empty, try hitting return in the address bar to restore the content. For more information, right-click on Torbutton in the status bar and select "Change state bug info."

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