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#156 Fixed "NoPublish 1" honored incompletely rm

When I set

ClientOnly 1 NoPublish 1

in my torrc, the server nonetheless reports

Jun 09 22:33:32.750 [notice] Tor has successfully opened a circuit. Looks like it's working. Jun 09 22:33:32.750 [notice] Now checking whether ORPort and DirPort are reachable... (this may take several minutes) Jun 09 22:33:43.000 [notice] directory_handle_command_get(): Client asked for the mirrored directory, but we don't have a good one yet. Sending 503 Dir not available. Jun 09 22:34:36.500 [notice] router_orport_found_reachable(): Your ORPort is reachable from the outside. Excellent. Publishing server descriptor.

However, the node is not listed in the directory, so this seems to be ok. The two ports are actually probed from the outside, though.

Tested on Win2000, SP4.

[Automatically added by flyspray2trac: Operating System: Windows 2k/XP]

#8071 fixed "Node Down!" email displays "at least 0 hour" kaner kraai

My preferences indicate that Tor Weather should email me when the node I'm observing is down for 0 hours. The "Node Down!" emails that I receive contain the following text:

It appears that the node (...) you've been observing has been uncontactable through the Tor network for at least 0 hour. You may wish to look at it to see why.

I think it should say "at least 0 hours" instead.

#26625 duplicate "Not Secure" text not shown with Onion+http iframe normal site with all security.insecure_connection_* options enabled tbb-team cypherpunks
  1. Enable them security.insecure_connection_* options in about:config with Tor Browser 8.0a9.
  2. Go to just to test, you'll see the "Not Secure" text in the address bar (without clicking on the info bar), just like this:
  3. Go to Onion+http iframe normal site but them text not shown. :'(

(BTW ticket #25204 for enabling them options on them browsers)

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