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#10458 wontfix "New identity" button in Vidalia is misleading and should be renamed. chiiph cypherpunks

Vidalia's "new identity" button creates a new circuit by issuing a NEWNYM request to Tor.

This is confusing for users because in Torbutton in the Tor Browser there is a "new identity" option which does something different (it also clears session data which could be used to link two identities).

Vidalia's "new identity" should be renamed to reflect the fact that merely issuing a NEWNYM isn't enough to prevent two identities/sessions from being linked.

I suggest calling it something like "new circuit" or "change exit IP address" etc.

#4393 duplicate "New identity" closes all open tabs without warning/prompt mikeperry cypherpunks

I was browsing with several tabs open when I thought I'd use the new identity feature of Torbutton. I clicked on green onion symbole in Aurora and then on "New Identity". To my horror all tabs and browser windows vanished and I was presented with a empty browser window.

This was unexpected and very unpleasant. I used the "Use a new identity" button in Vidalia previously and nothing like that ever happened. I expected all NEW connections to be different but no action happening to my current browsing.

Please add a prompt (like "All tabs will be closed") to that feature to save people's browsing.

#6477 fixed "Newest 50 tickets" shows 500 hits erinn bastik

I like this category and found it always strange that "50 tickets" finds 500 tickets.

I suggest renaming it to "500 tickets". It just looks better when it matches each other. Please see the attached pictures.

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