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#4393 duplicate "New identity" closes all open tabs without warning/prompt mikeperry cypherpunks

I was browsing with several tabs open when I thought I'd use the new identity feature of Torbutton. I clicked on green onion symbole in Aurora and then on "New Identity". To my horror all tabs and browser windows vanished and I was presented with a empty browser window.

This was unexpected and very unpleasant. I used the "Use a new identity" button in Vidalia previously and nothing like that ever happened. I expected all NEW connections to be different but no action happening to my current browsing.

Please add a prompt (like "All tabs will be closed") to that feature to save people's browsing.

#6477 fixed "Newest 50 tickets" shows 500 hits erinn bastik

I like this category and found it always strange that "50 tickets" finds 500 tickets.

I suggest renaming it to "500 tickets". It just looks better when it matches each other. Please see the attached pictures.

#1364 Fixed "No ciphers on session" warning Sebastian

A few people have reported getting this warning on their relays. I'm not quite sure why it might happen, but generally it seems like a client-side bug that shouldn't worry relay operators?

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