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#80 Fixed Max dir size is 500 kilobytes arma

Currently the max dir size, both receiving the http request from the client and providing the http answer to the client, is 500kB. If something we try to send exceeds this, the http attempt will fail.

Should we just keep raising this limit as the directory size grows, or is there some better solution?

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#81 Fixed streams end badly when server runs out of fd's arma arma

We need to put better reasons on stream end cells, so when a server is unwilling to make any more exits streams, the client doesn't end up with a failed stream -- he should treat it like a dns resolve failure and try somewhere else.

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#82 Fixed tor opens too many file descriptors goodell

For those of us with systems with high-bandwidth connections, running a Tor router causes the Tor process to open many file descriptors. So many, in fact, that Tor routinely runs into the ceiling specified by ulimit -n. Thus, either (a) the init script included with the tor package should manually set a large value for ulimit -n, or (b) Tor itself should somehow set its own ulimit to be large, perhaps based upon a configuration parameter.

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