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#11135 invalid Give out invitation letters for visa applications Kelley lunar

Some attendees will have to request a visa to enter Schengen. We need to provide them with infos and an invitation letter to the conference.

We need to provide this before March 30th. Quoting the FAQ:

You may therefore submit a visa application 3 months before your planned date of departure for France.

#12704 fixed Create strategy for distributing learning materials Kelley karsten

We need to create a strategy with how we are going to get learning materials into the hands of as many people as possible. We have been talking to three organizations about outreach. The result of this task is this distribution plan for reaching out to both trainers and end users. Kelley and Colin have been working on this task. The original plan was to complete this by September 15, but we had to postpone until November 15, 2014, because most parties wanted to see materials before agreeing to help. This task is completed as of December 31, 2014.

#13090 fixed Create an inventory of existing presentations Kelley karsten

We want to create an inventory of existing presentations, which includes all files in the presentations folder in the subversion repository, and produce one or more public indexes as HTML web pages. We were first aiming for September 15 but then postponed until October 31, 2014 when we made some good progress but did not finish this task. The new target date is the first quarter of 2015. saint will be working on this task.

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