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#1259 fixed FTP seems broken mikeperry

Despite the fact that we tell Firefox to use SOCKS for FTP, it appears as if it is broken. This probably is a firefox bug, but filing it anyway to remind myself to look deeper into it later. I should test this with an ssh socks proxy and see what happens.

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#1272 fixed Orbot should store Tor files in the cache n8fr8 Sebastian

Dunno if that is possible, but it would be neat to get rid of the cached* files be clearing the cache from the applications menu thing. i guess that would also allow Orbot to not require the sd card writing permission?

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#1274 fixed Tor is not running as user tor erinn Anmibe

After installing a tor relay with newest expert package Tor- I wondered why tor is running as $USER, but not as tor. I new user _tor is created and the group daemon exists as well. A quick look at the script addsysuser gives a hint: At least the lines 58 & 69 …

gid=niutil -readprop $ROOTPROP /groups/daemon gid uiddef=nidump passwd / | cut -d: -f3 | sort -n | grep -v '!^[56789]..' |grep -v '!^....$' | tail -n 1

…can’t work properly (besides others) with Snowleopard since nituil and nidump doesn't exist anymore. As far as I know there are substituted by dscl.

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