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#32745 fixed lektor jenkins builds fail randomly weasel emmapeel

this may be a duplicate of but maybe there are more reasons why builds fail with 'Undefined error'.

at the moment there are many errors on the jenkins builds, that are not related to the actual pushes to the repo. This amount of false positives makes people not to care about broken builds, and I guess it also wastes some human and computing resources.

please see a way to make jenkins not to fail for reasons that are not related to the code being submitted.

i have been saving some of the errors but they seem outdated and unaccessible now, i leave them as a grepping example:

#32744 worksforme Torbrowser on Android crashes on visiting a page sysrqb WerHaus

The torbrowser for android in the f-droid guardian repository crashes on visiting a page of one of the biggest broadcasters in austria.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Between 8:00 and 8:15 CET visit the page
  • Wait until the page is loaded
  • Select the news-broadcast of that day 7:00 CET.
  • Torbrowser crashes most of the time while loading the page.

This is true for the security settings "standard" and "secure".

This was tested on two mobiles. Spec of first mobile:

  • Android 7.1
  • fresh install of "Tor Browser" 68.3.0 (2015620379) arm64-v8a from Guardian Project
  • or fresh install of "Tor Browser Alpha" 68.3.0 (2015621155) arm64-v8a from Guardian Project
#32741 fixed CMake repository moved tbb-team sysrqb

I tried building a nightly, and I'm getting:

fatal: repository '' not found

It looks like the git repo is not available at that url anymore. It is now on a self-hosted gitlab instance:

Maybe this is a temporary glitch, and the first url will work again tomorrow. I tried searching for an announcement about that url being deprecated, but I haven't found one yet.

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