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#34194 worksforme dead link in tor-browser tbb-team crab

Click on tor icon beside the search bar to show the site information. Below the "New Circuit for this Site" button click the "Learn more" link. link leads to Greets with following error.

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Swear to god I wanted to learn more this time.

#34191 implemented Combine multiple analysis files into single data set acute karsten

OnionPerf's visualize mode currently supports specifying multiple data sets to be graphed with different labels for each data set. However, for each data set it's only possible to specify exactly one analysis results file. If we ever want to graph a data set covering more than a single day and compare that to another data set, we cannot do that at the moment.

Here's a possible user interface extension to allow specifying one or more analysis results files for each data set:

diff --git a/onionperf/onionperf b/onionperf/onionperf
index cb1899c..957c6df 100755
--- a/onionperf/onionperf
+++ b/onionperf/onionperf
@@ -326,8 +326,9 @@ files generated by this script will be written""",
     visualize_parser.set_defaults(func=visualize, formatter_class=my_formatter_class)
     visualize_parser.add_argument('-d', '--data',
-        help="""Append a PATH to a onionperf.analysis.json analysis results file, and a LABEL that we
-        should use for the graph legend for this dataset""",
+        help="""Append a file or directory PATH to an onionperf.analysis.json
+                analysis results file or directory of such files, and a LABEL
+                that we should use for the graph legend for this dataset""",
         metavar=("PATH", "LABEL"),

I didn't write any other code for this yet.

#34186 fixed Clean up spam doc ggus identical

What is this?

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