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#29861 fixed Snowflake is not working right now for some reason cohosh cypherpunks
#29857 duplicate Snowflake as browser add on snowflakesuggestion

I wanted to add snowflake at my website, however there where to much small issues which prevented me from doing that. One of the issues I have was that snowflake uses cookies (and I hate cookies). So I thought of other ways for the enduser to indicate that it is fine that his browser acts as a Tor bridge. The most straightforward way is to let the user install a snowflake browser add on.


  • The user in in control
  • The software is decentralized
  • You don't need website owners to spread snowflake via iframe
#29854 not a bug Missing diagnostic keys in relay lines, but the data is in the header juga teor

These keys are in the bandwidth file header, but there are not any similar keys in the relay lines:

  • recent_priority_list_count
  • recent_priority_relay_count
  • recent_measurement_attempt_count
  • recent_measurement_failure_count

Counting the number of times that a relay was put in the priority list is useful, so we can find out if a relay is not being prioritised.

Similarly, counting the number of times that we can't measure a relay is also useful.

Can we have these keys in each relay line:

  • relay_recent_measurement_attempt_count
  • relay_recent_measurement_failure_count
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