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#31774 duplicate "#board" anchor on people page doesn't work hiro arma
Description doesn't send me to the 'board' section of the page.

Whereas does send me to the core section.

In the html, I see a

<div id="core" class="container py-3">

but there is no corresponding id="board" anywhere.

#31772 fixed MAPADDRESS control command nickm kowenki

I'm using the control socket to execute MAPADDRESS commands. Since TorBrowser 8.5.5 (Linux64) with Tor the behavior changed.

On TorBrowser 8.5.4 (Linux64) with Tor the following command worked:


On TorBrowser 8.5.5 (Linux64) with Tor the following happens:

MAPADDRESS * 512 syntax error: not enough arguments to mapaddress.

However, I found out that the following works:

MAPADDRESS foo * 250 *

I could not find any information about a change in the MAPADDRESS command specification.

Did the MAPADDRESS command change or may this be a bug in the command parsing?

#31771 fixed has some issue with the certificate qbi antonela

When I want to visit Firefox says:


OS: MacOS Mojave 10.14 Chrome Firefox

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