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#1074 fixed Tor sends clock_skew status event warn too liberally AltF4 arma

In command.c, if netinfo tells us our clock is skewed, we log based on:

if (router_digest_is_trusted_dir(conn->identity_digest))

severity = LOG_WARN;


severity = LOG_INFO;

But then we complain to the controller regardless of whether it's an authority:


"CLOCK_SKEW SKEW=%ld SOURCE=OR:%s:%d", apparent_skew, conn->_base.address, conn->_base.port);

So the simple fix is for to only send the status event if severity == LOG_WARN.

Then Vidalia should workaround it by ignoring SOURCE=OR: clock skew events from Tor <= and

The broader challenge is that tor clients avoid going to the authorities, so if their clock is wrong, they'll never do more than log at log-level info, and all this status event work is for naught.

We should fix this in 0.2.2.x, either with a more aggressive proposal, or at least with a bit we remember that makes us connect to an authority (and thus get a trusted opinion on our time) if we keep getting skew problems from other relays.

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#2639 duplicate tor failing - NetBSD - Tor v0.2.3.0-alpha-dev (git-b3d74045ae79544f) AltF4 yancm

Starting within the last 24-36 hours, tor built from git starts, then exits without a core dump nor any warnings being logged. This is definitely new.

I've done a make clean/autogen/make install cycle with no change.

#10357 fixed Japanese translation work for Tor client completed Anon_Japan JapanAnon

Hi, we're glad to announce that all the required components of translation into Japanese for Tor's client (and Orbot) have been completed, and are available via the following resources:

If there's anything further we should be doing in order to queue these contributions successfully into the next build, please let me know - I'm learning this process flow as I go, so apologies if we've missed anything.

Thanks for everything you do, and hopefully our contribution here will allow Tor's good work to extend to those with Japanese as their primary language online.

~ anon_japan@…

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