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#31563 fixed Urlbar search icons disappear after browser restart tbb-team acat

Patch for #30845 fixes this issue on a fresh profile, but not on an already existing profile which was already restarted at least once. On top of that, there is a quite surprising behaviour:

  1. Open Tor Browser ESR68 without patch for #30845.
  2. Restart browser.
  3. Check that search icons have disappeared.
  4. Change pref from #30845 and restart.
  5. Urlbar is unusable, and browser console shows:
1567091784597	addons.xpi-utils	WARN	Synchronous load of XPI database due to getAddonsByType([theme]) Stack: getAddonsByType@resource://gre/modules/addons/XPIDatabase.jsm:1997:21

which might be related, but did not investigate yet.

#31562 fixed The circuit display is not visible on error pages in Tor Browser based on ESR68 tbb-team gk
Description shows a circuit display in 9.0a4 but not in recent nightlies.

#31559 worksforme test-timers fail on maint-0.2.9 teor
FAIL: src/test/test-timers


mean difference: 183123 usec

standard deviation: 524773.950303 usec

Either your system is under ridiculous load, or the timer backend is broken.

FAIL src/test/test-timers (exit status: 1)

I wonder if this is a once-off, or if we haven't backported enough timer patches to 0.2.9.

I'll re-run the job, and see what happens.

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