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#192 Won't fix I should be able to schedule server use separately for different address ranges bmeike

Even after Tor has used all of the bandwidth allocated for it, for a given time period, it should route my (the server owner's) traffic. It should be possible to route local proxy traffic separately from external circuit traffic.

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#193 Fixed wrong data type for traffic history weasel

my script to build graphs complained: Could not parse history '2005-09-22 09:10:48 (900 s) +12907743,34224592,102807098,87302020,290462751,488711033,837847642,842722907,1071853437,1152740160,1435169451,2041534759,1888125200,2065558471,1871823302,1872487104,1974801925, +2066082285,-2076021933,-1832028511,-1784871677,-2136919704,1950107709,2071414898,2096503119,1907165159,2036686058,-2087084783,2141092379,-2128241986,-1850252440,-1892656007,-19 +85629515,-2111104407,1937765797,1910838567,2061093649,2099611934,2016345427,1987858865,2011099584'

And indeed, those negative values look quiet wrong :)

Maybe switch to unsigned int, or even a long long?

(naturally it's Tonga causing this)

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#198 Not a bug Cannot run Tor as windows services mashizilla

When I uses TorCP setting tools to install Tor as windows service, it alerts message like this 'The Tor service failed to install'.

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