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#31467 fixed Switch to clang for cctools project tbb-team gk

We switched away from the llvm project for being used in firefox and macosx-toolchain in favor of clang. We should do the same for cctools and then get rid of the llvm project altogether.

#31465 fixed Adapt tor-browser-build projects for macOS notarization tbb-team gk

There are three issues that need to get solved

1) We need to specify the version in the sysrootdir, SDK is not enough as in this case the fallback to 10.6 is used which is too old (we need at least 10.9) (comment:16:ticket:30126)

2) We need to set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET for e.g. tor to 10.7 (to make sure it's not 10.11 which might be bad given that all the other binaries report 10.7) (comment:20:ticket:30126)

3) Bump the Go version to at least 1.12.6 to pick up notarization related fixed (comment:24:ticket:30126)

#31464 fixed meek and moat are broken on macOS 10.9 with the switch to Go 1.12 tbb-team gk

When using meek and/or moat on macOS 10.9 one gets

dyld: Symbol not found: _unlinkat
  Referenced from: .../Tor
  Expected in: flat namespace

and the pluggable transport being non-functional. As I wrote in comment:36:ticket:30126:

I suspect the underlying problem is a change in Go 1.12 where Go is starting to use libSystem.dylib etc. for syscalls: ​ (The mac-ports folks had to work around that e.g. in ​

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