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#34164 fixed Tor Launcher hangs with 33533+5 branch brade acat

mcs/brade pointed to me that there seems to be a Tor Launcher deadlock inside a call to writeBytes() for the control port connection, with the latest 33533+5 branch from #33533.

They tested a debug build in macOS, but it also happens to me with a testbuild-linux-x86_64 build.

#34160 duplicate Replace obs4 with a better pluggable transport cypherpunks

There have been papers attacking obfs4 and similar pluggable transports such as

The obfs4 maintainer (Yawning) also has said that the protocol is outdated and unmaintained which is not a good thing for something that is the primary pluggable transport for the Tor Browser.

The Tor Project should initiate an effort to create a better, secure, more resistant and more up to date pluggable transport to replace obfs4.

#34159 fixed user ϲypharpunks is removing wiki pages qbi ϲypherpunks

The user ϲypharpunks removed 7 years old wiki pages content by editing it with the defacement

Don't use Tor

As this user have not made any contribution but only destruction. It seems abusive.

Example: org/doc/WeSupportTor? org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor

Note, the user named


not actually ϲypherpunks

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