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#34157 fixed Backport Patch for Firefox Bug 1511941 - privacy.resistfingerprinting performance API spoofing breaks tbb-team sanketh

Firefox bug:

I have attached a backported (to ESR68) version of my patch.

#34154 fixed Extend BlockedBridges table phw

BridgeDB has a (currently unused) table in its SQLite database that captures where a bridge is blocked. We are going to use this table as part of our work on #32740. It currently has the following fields:

  • ID (primary key)
  • hex_key (fingerprint)
  • blocking_country (country code)

A fingerprint can relate to a bridge's OR port or any of its pluggable transports but these endpoints can be blocked independently. To remove this ambiguity, we should add additional fields for a bridge's IP address, port, and perhaps for an autonomous system because blocking isn't always uniform across a country.

#34151 fixed Readme needs update HashikD HashikD

For testing, according to

Unit testing with Jasmine are available with: npm install npm test To run locally, start an HTTP server in build/ and navigate to /embed.html

npm run build needs to be a prerequisite before starting the server and navigating to /embed.html.

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