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#1275 wontfix Maclike directories for Tor Anmibe

Mac OS X has it's own directory structure. Therefore, I would like to propose a slight change of directories for tor on Mac OS X: /Library/Tor -> /Library/Application Support/Tor $Home/.tor -> /Library/Tor/Application Support/Data It is not ciritical, but for mac user easier to find and there will be one directory only.

[Automatically added by flyspray2trac: Operating System: OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard]

#3429 wontfix Referer blocking option breaks browser navigation mikeperry Anna

I was having problems with the Tor Browser pack that uses Firefox 4. The back, forward, and refresh buttons as well as the auto-refresh feature of NoScript would stop working within a few pages of opening each new browsing session. The buttons would still be there, looking normal and I could click them and they'd register the click but wouldn't load the requested page.

I tested a variety of different combinations of settings and I think I have isolated the problem as being caused by the Block All Referer setting. This problem occurs both when using the Block All Referer feature in Torbutton's header settings and also when doing the same with the RefControl addon. But this applies only in the version of the Tor Browser that uses Firefox 4. I've tried the same settings out on the regular Firefox 4 and on the Firefox 3 version of the Tor Browser and haven't had any problems with back, forward, or refresh.

#8502 worksforme New Torbutton addon menu not inspiring any confidence mikeperry Anna

The new addon dialog really bothers me. I understand the goal is to reduce fingerprinting by reducing user options but its kind of a basic social psychology thing that when you want concerned people to trust you, you have to demonstrate that you really can do things to help keep them safe and Torbutton's reduced menus aren't inspiring any such confidence. I really, really don't like not being able to see the various privacy features of Tor and verify that they're set to work the way I expect them to.

I understand that there's documentation users can read and I trust that the Tor people continue to add features that make us safer (though not necessarily that features will always be configured for the best security right out of the box), but since the recent changes, I find myself worrying more about if Tor is still doing all the things I expect because suddenly the addon menus only cover a couple of privacy features and all the rest is hidden.

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