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#32705 fixed python issues teor nickm

It looks like we have a failure on Jenkins:,SUITE=bullseye/4402/consoleFull

It seems like when we check-practracker-unit-tests, we try to run it even when we don't have python installed. Additionally, we don't set the PYTHON environment variable when we run check-pracktracker-unit-tests, so the script can look for python with the wrong name.

Both of these problems are solved if we remove check-practracker-unit-tests, I believe, since is already listed in TESTSCRIPTS, so we don't acutally need to have it in check-local as we thought in #32609

#32704 fixed Port changelog tools to python 3 nickm nickm

I use and to prepare changelogs. These scripts don't use use the python3 list syntax. I should port them.

#32702 duplicate Set security.tls.enable_0rtt_data false tbb-team cypherpunks

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