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#210 Won't implement New server option: Comment Ruhe

It could be useful if there is an option in torrc to set a user defined comment. The value should be published online as platform, uptime, bandwidth...

For example:

Comment Athlon64 X2 4400+ 1GB, private server

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#211 Won't implement Reload config every x minutes Ruhe

The running server should

a) reload the torrc every x (e.g. 15, 30 or 60) minutes automatically or - my wish b) reload it after a user defined interval

Why? If you repeatedly change the Entry-/ExitNodes...

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#215 wontfix mixminion creates path shorter than 3 nodes simono

I was testing the new 0.0.8alpha1 server on laforge. To my understanding a message should pass at least three nodes to ensure my anonymity. I wanted to test the laforge node, so I sent the messages with -P laforge,~2 ( send the message through laforge and about two other nodes). As you can see in the output below the mixminion client selected to send my message through laforge and use laforge a a swap point. So the message will only go through 1 node. In my opinion the ~<number> option should calculate a minimum number of nodes so a message will go through at least three nodes. I have verified the bug on windows and FreeBSD, and I assume that the bug exists on all platforms.

D:\mixminion\Mixminion->mixminion.exe send -t - i data -P laforge,~2 Mixminion version This software is for testing purposes only. Anonymity is not guaranteed. Dec 04 19:39:37.789 +0100 [INFO] Downloading directory from /directory/Directory.gz Dec 04 19:39:44.579 +0100 [INFO] Validating directory Dec 04 19:39:45.139 +0100 [WARN] This software is newer than any version on the recommended list. Dec 04 19:39:45.139 +0100 [INFO] Generating payload(s)... Dec 04 19:39:45.149 +0100 [INFO] Selected path is laforge:laforge Dec 04 19:39:45.229 +0100 [INFO] Packet queued Dec 04 19:39:45.229 +0100 [INFO] Connecting... Dec 04 19:39:47.743 +0100 [INFO] ... 1 sent

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