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#104 Fixed Signals, threads, and libevent may not necessarily play nice nickm nickm

Sometimes when you control-c a server, multiple threads all get a sigint, and handle it oddly.

<arma2> Feb 27 03:29:09.348 [notice] foo <arma2> Feb 27 03:29:09.349 [notice] Interrupt: will shut down in 30 seconds. In terrupt again to exit now. <arma2> Feb 27 03:29:09.350 [notice] foo <arma2> Feb 27 03:29:09.351 [notice] Sigint received a second time; exiting now. <arma2> Feb 27 03:30:35.950 [notice] 1024 <arma2> Feb 27 03:30:35.966 [notice] Interrupt: will shut down in 30 seconds. In terrupt again to exit now. <arma2> Feb 27 03:30:35.967 [notice] 1024 <arma2> Feb 27 03:30:35.968 [notice] Sigint received a second time; exiting now. <arma2> hm. <arma2> ok, so, not a thread thing. <arma2> looks like it's getting called twice. <arma2> does lib event let you double-register? <arma2> is your tor_get_thread_id() known to work?

Haven't verified it, no, but it is Really Simple. And if it's broken, so is pthreads.

<arma2> ooook :) <arma2> ah. how's this: <arma2> i'm not sending a sigint, <arma2> i'm typing ^c. <arma2> do you suppose that matters? <arma2> it does.


<arma2> whee. <arma2> is that threads or libevent?

  • nickm has no idea what *that* means.

<arma2> are we not allowed to sig_ign a ^c?

No, I think we are.

<arma2> does ^c sent a sigint to all threads? <arma2> s/sent/send/ * You have new email.

Unspecified afaicr.

<arma2> 'woo'

Threads and signals is one of the canonically fudgy areas of pthreads iirc.

<arma2> ok i did a kill -INT of a child, and it called hibernate-begin-exit <arma2> they are not ignoring signals like we'd like them to.


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#105 Not a bug Todays Build - Possible memory leak? yancm

I sync'd and built against CVS this AM - Launched at 6:45 EST. Memory usage is at 25M and climbing.

I suspect a memory leak, but am unsure how to help you find it.

Will it crash at some point and generate a useful core?

I'm on NetBSD 2.0_Stable w/P2-300 256M Ram.

Process limits: clarity 13 -> limit cputime unlimited filesize unlimited datasize 131072 kbytes stacksize 2048 kbytes coredumpsize unlimited memoryuse 251972 kbytes memorylocked 83990 kbytes maxproc 160 openfiles 1648

I'm also getting 6-10 of the following messages per hour: Feb 28 13:55:08.261 [warn] circuit_receive_relay_cell(): connection_edge_process_relay_cell (away from origin) failed. Feb 28 13:55:08.261 [warn] command_process_relay_cell(): circuit_receive_relay_cell (forward) failed. Closing.

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#106 Not a bug INSTALL TOR WINDOWS XP nickm alyssa

After just install Tor, on msdos windows, this is the message I have :

Mar 03… (warn) Conn_read() :bug : unhandled error on read for Dir connection (fd 236) ; removing Mar 03… (notice) conn_close_if_marked(): Conn (addr 18…. Fd 236, type Dir, State 1) still wants to flush. Losing 66 bytes ! (Marked at c:\documents and settings_nick mathewson\my documents\src\tor\src\or\main.c:275)

I need some help ! Why doesn't it works. My PC is under WINDOWS XP SP2 with a firm firewall and proxy. Sorry for my poor english, I'm from Paris (France). thanks


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