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#1335 fixed Low value for Xm gives high build timeout mikeperry mikeperry

My tor client just learned a timeout of 42, despite having the majority of my timeouts below 2s. I suspect this is because the Xm value was 275, but I still had quite a bit of timeouts after that. This caused the tor client to calculate a really small alpha, resulting in a shallow curve.

I am not sure what to do about this. I suspect what I'm actually looking at is 2 or 3 curves: one for each guard. We could try learning timeouts independently per guard (fragile, bulky), or we could try a different way to calculate Xm - maybe mean or median of 3 highest modes?

It could also be that the synthetic timeouts I created were very high, and are also causing alpha to be low. I'm attaching the state file to experiment with in the future.

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#1336 fixed url in About is wrong phobos

The url in the about orbot points to, which is a 404. You probably want

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#1337 fixed Alerts are bound to wrong window on MacOS (and possibly Windows) mikeperry mikeperry

We are using the main window to display alerts in many cases. This will cause the alert windows to be bound to the wrong window on Mac OS and possibly Windows. The fix is to look up the most recently used chrome window and use that for alerts.

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