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#18743 fixed "Sign in to Sync" icon not hidden in ESR45-based Tor Browser tbb-team mcs

With the patch for #16488 (rebased to the ESR45 codebase) applied, the "Sign in to Sync" text label is correctly hidden but the icon is still visible in the hamburger menu.

#32295 fixed "Skipping obsolete configuration option." doesn't say which one teor arma

In Tor 0.3.5.x:

log_warn(LD_CONFIG, "Skipping obsolete configuration option '%s'", c->key);

But in

log_warn(LD_GENERAL, "Skipping obsolete configuration option.");

Resulting in log messages like:

Oct 25 16:19:28.906 [warn] Skipping obsolete configuration option.
Oct 25 16:19:28.906 [warn] Skipping obsolete configuration option.

which are not as helpful as they could be.

The bug went in with commit c60a85d2, which I think first went into

The new file has a XXXX next to this line:

  // XXXX move this to a higher level, once such a level exists.
  log_warn(LD_GENERAL, "Skipping obsolete configuration option.");

but I see that most tickets like #29211 and #30866 are scheduled for 0.4.3.x, and this is an 0.4.2 bug so I am filing a separate ticket.

Bug reported by OFFShare in irc.

#17429 wontfix "So-and-so wants to chat with you; allow?" text is very subtle arma

I have a chat window open with various people. And also there's the original window that lists my contacts. Since I don't use it much, I let it fall behind lots of other windows.

I happened to look at that window just now, and it had a little note at the top saying "So-and-so wants to chat with you. Allow?"

I wonder how long that note has been sitting there, ignored by me. Maybe the window should make it more prominent, or maybe the other window should be notifying me that the contacts window has something that wants my attention? Or maybe there is some other good idea for improving the UX here?

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