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#31765 worksforme Join the Recommended Extensions program cypherpunks
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#31763 duplicate relay-search lists flakey as down for an hour or two, when it's never been reachable metrics-team arma
Description is marked as offline, and the "downtime" section varies over time but it always seems to be more than one hour and less than two hours.

That's because the bridge firewalled its ORPort, so it never gets the Running flag from Serge, so bridgedb won't give it out. Makes sense -- it is the snowflake bridge, so it receives its connections via the bridge-side snowflake proxy, not direct to the ORPort.

But metrics seems to have hit an edge case: it does something weird when it has no known "time it was last up" value.

(Not a big deal, but it's been sitting in a tab for some days now and I figured I should file the ticket.)

#31760 invalid swati needs a trac account qbi gaba


Swati, our technical writer for the google season of docs is in needs of a trac account. Can somebody create one for her? Her email is swati.kgp13 at gmail.


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