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#34136 wontfix Audit the Content Process Sandbox Level bump in ESR68.8 on Windows tbb-team cypherpunks

To fix CVE-2020-12388 and CVE-2020-12389, Mozilla set security.sandbox.content.level to 6. The code to support that was backported to ESR: Correctness and completeness of the backport should be audited.

#34133 implemented Tor documentation missing sandbox and %include limitations Jigsaw52

The tor manpage and documentation do not tell the user that is not possible to add new configuration files to %included directories in its config files when the seccomp sandbox is enabled.

#34132 fixed Fix running an npm globally installed snowflake arlolra

Snowflake is now an npm published package that can install a global bin with npm i -g

It seems to be missing a #!/usr/bin/env node at the top of the script though

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