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#216 Fixed tor_resolve alias is incorrect / tor-resolve file named incorrect hard-mac

tor_resolve alias points to :

tor_resolve -> Library/Tor/tor_resolve

/Library/Tor/tor_resolve file is named: tor-resolve

I think that all Mac OS X versions have this problem.

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#218 Implemented please preserve history over restarts/crashes weasel

It would be marvelous if (read|write)-history reported in the descriptor would survive a crash or restart of the tor daemon.

(That way my graphs don't look to ugly and we have proper means to telling which node pushed how much data)

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#221 Fixed connection_start_writing: Assertion conn->write_event failed weasel

I've been running tor nodes in a dedicated test network.

This Tor node was started, ran for 30 to 90 seconds and was then sent a TERM signal, either via the controller interface or directly as a Unix signal.

Dec 19 09:43:43.120 [err] main.c:347: connection_start_writing: Assertion conn->write_event failed; aborting.

bt: #0 0x556f583b in raise () from /lib/tls/ #1 0x556f6fa2 in abort () from /lib/tls/ #2 0x0808b62d in connection_start_writing (conn=0xd7d81d8) at main.c:347 #3 0x08069190 in connection_write_to_buf (string=0xffff9420 "POST ", len=5, conn=0xd7d81d8) at connection.c:1557 #4 0x0807ccfd in directory_send_command (conn=0xd7d81d8, platform=0xc31d7d0 "Tor on Linux x86_64", purpose=8, resource=0x0, payload=0xd7dac40 "", +payload_len=288) at directory.c:587 #5 0x0807c1e0 in directory_initiate_command (address=0xc317f58 "", addr=2130706433, dir_port=19031, platform=0xc31d7d0 "Tor on Linux x86_64", +digest=0x80fcfe4 "Cª!àñÓátUèã½&®¦hÈõ)\023", purpose=8 '\b', private_connection=1,

resource=0x0, payload=0xd7dac40 "", payload_len=288) at directory.c:465

#6 0x0807b9cb in directory_initiate_command_routerstatus (status=0x80fcfcc, purpose=8 '\b', private_connection=1, resource=0x0, payload=0xd7dac40 "", payload_len=288) at +directory.c:293 #7 0x0807b599 in directory_post_to_dirservers (purpose=8 '\b', payload=0xd7dac40 "", payload_len=288) at directory.c:139 #8 0x08098e4b in upload_service_descriptor (service=0x80fd140, version=0) at rendservice.c:914 #9 0x08099380 in rend_consider_services_upload (now=1134981823) at rendservice.c:1064 #10 0x0808c8cd in run_scheduled_events (now=1134981823) at main.c:876 #11 0x0808cb3f in second_elapsed_callback (fd=-1, event=1, args=0x0) at main.c:957 #12 0x556c7c79 in event_base_priority_init () from /usr/lib/ #13 0x556c7f65 in event_base_loop () from /usr/lib/ #14 0x556c7dcb in event_loop () from /usr/lib/ #15 0x556c7cb0 in event_dispatch () from /usr/lib/ #16 0x0808cf64 in do_main_loop () at main.c:1114 #17 0x0808df2d in tor_main (argc=3, argv=0xffffba44) at main.c:2077 #18 0x080abf7e in main (argc=3, argv=0xffffba44) at tor_main.c:22

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