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#31759 fixed Make "annotate_ifdef_directives" script comply with line-width limits nickm nickm

Right now, our annotate_ifdef_directives script generates output that is wider than 80 columns. This is okay for now, when we're applying it by hand, but won't be okay in the long run, when we eventually want to have autostyle run before every commit.

#31758 fixed upgrade postfix configurations to stretch/buster anarcat anarcat

our postfix configuration as delivered by puppet is pretty old, probably pre-stretch. it's generally not a problem until some upgrade breaks certain assertions. buster seems to have at least broken one, as described in #31743, so it seems it would be a good idea to upgrade our configs everywhere.

first I'll look on all hosts to see if we have this problem elsewhere and then I'll cleanup the configs to port to the brave new world...

#31755 fixed Separate update pings and update requests graphs for Tor Browser alpha and release users metrics-team boklm

On we have some graphs showing the number of Update pings and Update requests from Tor Browser users.

Those numbers currently include both alpha and release users. However it would be nice to be able to know how many alpha users we have. For that we could have separate graphs for alpha and release users.

According to the update_pings and update_requests are counted with:

  • update_pings: GET requests to all sites with resource strings '%/torbrowser/update\__/%' and response code 200. To separate alpha and release users we could use the resource strings '%/torbrowser/update\__/alpha/%' and '%/torbrowser/update\__/release/%'.
  • update_requests: GET requests to all sites with resource strings '%/torbrowser/%.mar' and response code 302. Separating update_requests is more difficult as the URL does not include the word alpha or release. However it includes the version number (as the name of the directory under /torbrowser/), which includes an a in case of an alpha version, and no letter (only numbers and dots) in case of a stable release.
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