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#33073 fixed Write a proposal for Tor Relays to Automatically Find their IPv6 Address teor teor

For Sponsor 55, I need to write a proposal for IPv6 address detection on relays.

#33068 fixed Install pycrypto for python3 on henryi anarcat tom

I upgraded depictor to run on python3 instead of python2; and forgot about the pycrypto dependency which needs to be installed separately for python2 and python3.

sudo pip3 install pycrypto should fix it.

#33066 fixed metrics dirbytes graph has two "0 Gbit/s" labels on the y axis metrics-team arma
Description right now has three labels on the y axis: "0 Gbit/s", "0 Gbit/s", and "1 Gbit/s". That sure is weird.

Maybe the middle one is actually 0.5, and it gets rounded to zero?

I guess all sorts of things are possible. :)

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