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#229 Implemented relative path to torrc makes tor sad weasel

Tue 19:33:06 <weasel> when you start it with tor -f torrc Tue 19:33:15 <weasel> and it chdirs into its DataDirectory Tue 19:33:22 <weasel> and then you send it a SIGHUP Tue 19:33:28 <weasel> it says Tue 19:33:28 <weasel> Jan 03 19:32:22.159 [warn] Unable to open configuration file "torrc". Tue 19:33:30 <weasel> and dies Tue 19:33:36 <nickm> ooh. Tue 19:33:51 <nickm> what's the right behavior, do you think? Tue 19:34:05 <nickm> To remember the original cwd and resolve relative torrc paths relative to that? Tue 19:34:33 <weasel> yes, probably

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#230 Fixed tor doesn't warn when it can't open log files weasel

Tor does not warn/die if it cannot open one of its logfiles. (because for instance the path doesn't exist)

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#231 Fixed dirserver still serves descriptor that it ignored weasel


I sent a HUP to tor for some reason, which made it (among other things) rebuild its descriptor. It never properly accepted that descriptor: Jan 08 03:15:06.692 [info] dirserv_add_descriptor(): Not replacing descriptor from 'tor26'; differences are cosmetic.

And it also doesn't use it in network status documents: | r tor26 hHsfhQNE14dkkaVIkvkEk05OuF0 1EU6pTJz9JND73PS0w6UXAJiChw 2006-01-07 23:01:14 443 80 (the status was published 02:26:57 UTC)

However, it still serves that new and ignored descriptor when fetching SD by identity key: had a descriptor published 02:15:03 UTC.


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