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#113 Implemented support for user authetication on HttpProxy and HttpsProxy adrians

Dear TOR-team!

I am stranded behind a firewall which requires user authentication for HTTP, HTTPS, ... I tried to get a connection to the onion network starting with and it did not work because of the missing httpSproxy option which became available later in the CVS tree. Therefore I tried to compile the latest from CVS but had some problems. So I was very pleased to see the new compiled versions arriving the days before.

Nevertheless an option to specify a user and the required password for a HttpProxy is still missing. The question is: am I missing something or is it "missing in the code"? Will there be a solution or suggestion?

Thank you very much and keep on developing! Adrian

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#114 Fixed hidden service descriptors quietly rejected when clock skewed arma

Mar 29 06:47:33.643 [warn] rend_cache_store(): Service descriptor h7dkd7zc7aeplgy4 is too far in the future

When clients publish hidden services but their clock is wrong, the hidden service doesn't work. There might be a log entry explaining this, but perhaps the log entry doesn't say enough? In any case, a log entry may not be enough to let the user know, if he never looks at his logs.

Is there a better way to communicate this to the user, or is there some way we can cope anyway? (E.g. be more forgiving about clock skew wrt hidden service descriptors (easy) or remember our skew based on dirserver timestamps and have Tor "fix" outgoing published timestamps (foolishly hard))

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#115 Fixed win32 torrc file has funny line endings nickm arma

wordpad works for the win32 torrc we ship in, but apparently notepad gets confused by it. notepad apparently used to work for the previous ones.

is there something wrong with the torrc we ship, or did we skip a step in making the exe, or what?

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