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#1362 fixed log does not record at NOTICE level when Tor is really ready keb

the Notice level Tor log said

Apr 18 00:37:00.072 [Notice] We now have enough directory information to build circuits.

but i was getting these errors in IRC:

[00:37] SOCKS Proxy failed to connect to host (error 1). [00:37] Proxy traversal failed.

so i turned on Info level logging and tried to connect to IRC server again a few times with same results as above until the last Tor log line below:

Apr 18 00:38:39.453 [Info] exit circ (length 3): jceaovh(open) $B2B00F568DEAA608C9C9A2DFCABD3A2622460743(open) $476418056BAEEFFB0354CB7DA0B0D50010264820(open) Apr 18 00:38:39.455 [Info] connection_ap_handshake_send_begin(): Address/port sent, ap socket 22, n_circ_id 47188 Apr 18 00:38:39.455 [Info] connection_edge_process_inbuf(): data from edge while in 'waiting for connect response' state. Leaving it on buffer. Apr 18 00:38:46.557 [Info] connection_ap_process_end_not_open(): Edge got end (internal error at server) before we're connected. Marking for close. Apr 18 00:38:46.559 [Info] exit circ (length 3): jceaovh(open) $B2B00F568DEAA608C9C9A2DFCABD3A2622460743(open) $476418056BAEEFFB0354CB7DA0B0D50010264820(open) Apr 18 00:39:03.432 [Info] update_consensus_router_descriptor_downloads(): 0 router descriptors downloadable. 0 delayed; 1363 present (0 of those were in old_routers); 0 would_reject; 1 wouldnt_use; 0 in progress. Apr 18 00:39:18.460 [Info] routerlist_remove_old_routers(): We have 1363 live routers and 0 old router descriptors. Apr 18 00:39:18.461 [Info] buf_shrink_freelists(): Cleaning freelist for 4096-byte chunks: keeping 9, dropping 8. Apr 18 00:39:18.462 [Info] buf_shrink_freelists(): Cleaning freelist for 32768-byte chunks: keeping 3, dropping 1. Apr 18 00:39:38.583 [Info] command_process_versions_cell(): Negotiated version 2 with [scrubbed]:9001; sending NETINFO. Apr 18 00:39:38.584 [Info] command_process_netinfo_cell(): Got good NETINFO cell from [scrubbed]:9001; OR connection is now open, using protocol version 2

immediately after that last message, the IRC connection worked. There were no Notice level messages indicating any problem. Therefore i suggest promoting that last message, or some cleaned up version of it, to Notice level so the log shows when Tor is really ready to pass user traffic.

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#1370 fixed add "Trac" Component for bugs in trac keb

Need a convenient way to report bugs in the bug trac'ing system unless you want us to use Tor-website as the relevant component or some other channel of communication.

#1371 fixed Report 8 does not show Mine First keb


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