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#237 Implemented Allow fetching descriptors using the controller interface weasel

<goodell> I also don't get exit policy this way <goodell> without fetching individual descriptors wholesale <arma2> which i'm about to allow via the controller <arma2> getinfo desc/id/all <goodell> for <arma2> yes <arma2> but first i must heat up some food or i will cease to be

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#238 Won't fix Fix for "HUP clears default log target" is ugly weasel

Fixing the problem where "setconf log" always appended the default log line broke tor so that a HUP now removes the default log target if none is specified in torrc.

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#239 Fixed Specifying HiddenServiceNodes without defining Hidden Services causes unrelated error. HexMaster

Jan 08 20:06:57.285 [warn] HiddenServicePort with no preceding HiddenServiceDir directive.

This warning is given, and Tor closes, if HiddenServiceNodes is defined but HiddenServicePort and HiddenServiceDir are not defined.

Some users may want to temporarily comment out their HiddenServiceDir and HiddenServicePorts but not lose their list of HiddenServiceNodes.

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