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#16958 not a bug facilitator query URL keeps growing longer with duplicates dcf Arthur2e5

When I start flashproxy with debug, I got some ever-growing facilitator URLs, like:

Facilitator: connecting to[CLIENT_A]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_A]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_B]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_B]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_C]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_C]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_D]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_D]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_E]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_E]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_F]%3A9000&client=[CLIENT_F]%3A9000.

I think at least some dedup should be completed, AND maybe discarding some really old clients in the querys.

#16959 not a bug iframe snippet fails under https dcf Arthur2e5

When you use flashproxy in an HTTPS iframe, you will get all kinds of Security-Related errors like "SecurityError" (IE) and "This operation is insecure" (Firefox). This seems to be caused by trying to establish an unenrypted (i.e. `insecure') Websocket under HTTPS.

Under Firefox this can be worked around by letting the user set network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS, but there is no such thing for IE.

#20856 duplicate BridgeDB displays "localized page" even if "en" has the highest priority isis Artoria2e5

BridgeDB does not correctly handle an Accept-Language that asks for English first, and then says "other languages are OK". Take this as an example:

$ curl -H 'Accept-Language: en,zh-TW;q=0.8' | grep icon-envelope
      <i class="icon icon-large icon-envelope"><span id="footer-contact">&nbsp;聯絡資訊</span></i></a>

In this example, English has a higher priority over zh-TW, but BridgeDB still shows a zh-TW page, presumably because there is not a specific "localization" for English.

(Here is the English page:

$ curl | grep icon-envelope
      <i class="icon icon-large icon-envelope"><span id="footer-contact">&nbsp;Contact</span></i></a>


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