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#122 Fixed - Unstable Builds Under NetBSD 2.0 nickm yancm

This is a Flyspray task for the NetBSD wierdness we have been discussing on the or-talk list.

To this point in time:

  • Beginning about March 30, my daily CVS builds were being unstable - for a few days they crashed upon launch
  • Then on April 3 or 4, the daily CVS builds started working again... web browsing through tor dramatically increased in speed relative to builds prior to March 30
  • About the same time there were many log messages. Initiated or-talk discussion...
  • On the evening of April 5 (I'm in Indiana - EST for ref.) Nick Mathewson informed me he fixed part of the problem in CVS but only for the no-pthreads version of tor.
  • Morning of April 6, tor was running fine and no new log messages.
  • Noticed new CVS changes so updated no-pthreads - restarted tor at 0600
  • Just Checked log @ April 6, 3:30PM:

Apr 06 06:06:49.935 [err] Catching signal TERM, exiting cleanly. Apr 06 06:06:52.404 [notice] Tor opening log file. Apr 06 11:13:53.401 [warn] circuit_receive_relay_cell(): Didn't recognize cell, but circ stops here! Closing circ. Apr 06 11:13:53.450 [warn] command_process_relay_cell(): circuit_receive_relay_cell (forward) failed. Closing. Apr 06 11:15:01.928 [err] Catching signal TERM, exiting cleanly. Apr 06 11:15:04.890 [notice] Tor opening log file.

Note: I do not recall restarting tor at 11:15, no new core file was generated???

  • Just noticed more CVS changes, recompiled no-pthreads but have not installed and restarted ...should I?
  • If I don't hear back, I probably will update and restart prior to going to sleep tonight.

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#123 Fixed TOR Installation not honouring Shortcuts setting nickm sentient

Version: tor- Windows 2000 Service Pack 6

The installation program installed shortcuts into the Start Menu even though the main Shortcut checkbox was unchecked. This could be because the individual checkboxes (Start Menu and Desktop) weren't unchecked first??

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#124 Fixed Need uninstall directions nickm kmm

There should be better instructions for uninstalling tor. The TorFAQ has a really sorry excuse for directions. The OS X installer offers no uninstall option.

Sure, I can delete /usr/bin/tor, but what else was installed and where?

2.2. How do I uninstall tor?

This depends entirely on how you installed it. If you installed a package, then hopefully your package has a way to uninstall itself.

If you installed by source, I'm afraid there is no easy uninstall method. But on the bright side, by default it only installs into /usr/local/ and it should be pretty easy to notice things there.

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