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#34097 fixed Remove tor-moderators list qbi arma

There's a tor-moderators list: which is completely unused -- no messages ever sent, and nobody ever subscribed. Apparently we made it in #32155.

Let's delete it, so people don't look at it and think there's a sekrit list where people are conspiring.

(Moderators for various Tor services and forums do talk to each other, but clearly they have developed other ways of doing it rather than using this list.)


#34096 fixed delete volunteering list qbi arma

There is a list called "volunteering": which has Damian, Matt Pagan, and Moritz on it.

Damian tells me he doesn't know of anything that points to it, and that it isn't getting used.

So we should delete it to remove confusion.


#34095 fixed delete support-team-private list qbi arma

It was last used in 2016, and also it has members that I recognize from like eight years ago.

I checked with Gus and he thinks shutting it down is a fine plan.

It has archives (private to only subscribers), and we can delete those.


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