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#34094 fixed delete tor-assistants list qbi arma

There is still a tor-assistants list: but it has a strange group of past people on it, and I don't see anybody successfully using it, except Micah using it in Nov 2019 and Jan 2020 in response to nextcloud password resets, and I have no idea how that happened but it doesn't seem mission-critical. :)

Long ago we used tor-assistants@tpo (not @lists.tpo) for people to help me answer questions from the outside world, but we long ago stopped successfully doing that, and somebody made a mailman list out of it but it never really got off the ground. Now there is tor-team@… for a similar but different role.

In any case, this list is not in use, and nobody has been maintaining its subscriber list. It's a good time to clean it up.


#34093 fixed delete gsoc-admin list qbi arma

It has me, Damian, and Sebastian on it. I've checked with all three of us and we agree the list has never actually been used.

There is an active alias named gso@tpo which is in use and doing fine, so we can drop the (redundant, abandoned) gsoc-admin list.


#34091 not a bug "torrc" error message plus tbb-team mopzop

I, am doing my best to learn what I can about using Tor, but it is causing problems that knows, now, what ignorant feels like. I, no longer can connect to the Internet with a regular browser, and is necessary for day to day usage utilizing bookmarks, and saved passwords for certain accounts. I, do not run Tor when using other browsers, nor do I, want, or can I, use Tor to access sites used on a daily basis. Neither, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Google for that matter will allow me to do anything saying I, am not connected to the Internet, when most definitely, am connected. I, receive different messages about the DNS, router, or unable to diagnose the problem. The browser opens, but that is as far I, can get. I, cannot even log into my Google account, of which my problems began, meaning when I, logged out of Google everything stopped. Tor was doing the same, opening to the home page, and allowing me to access the blog, and email, only, but using DuckDuckGo returned one message: "Error 1016 Ray ID: 58cbdadddaeebb46 • 2020-05-01 19:19:35 UTC Origin DNS error" and one saying "torrc error." I, cannot recall each error message received, sorry. Apparently, Tor grants me access, now, but when my computer completely shut down, because of an "At Risk" message never, ever seen in my life popped up disabling use, and froze, forcing me to shut my device off. I, realized feeling more vulnerable, now to a virus, malware, etc. What is going on?

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