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#32994 implemented Get all flag defaults from port_cfg_new() MrSquanchee teor

The Tor port flags code is needlessly complex. To change a default, you need to change:

  • port_cfg_new()
  • port_parse_config()
  • connection_listener_new()

We should call port_cfg_new() for the defaults in all these cases.

#33679 fixed Make sure every address function that takes for_listening supports IPv6 MrSquanchee teor

We need to make sure all of our basic address functions support IPv6.

For example, tor_addr_is_valid() only supports IPv4 for_listening.

We need to make this change before we create generic IPv6 listeners for proposal 312.

#33920 fixed Remove errors or typos from and MrSquanchee MrSquanchee

I use vscode for programming and when I open chutney files, and, vscode reports a bunch of errors and warnings. These are often due to typing mistakes and unused variables.

This ticket aims at removing them.

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