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#17494 fixed "Unknown error" reported by Tor Messenger without further info arlolra blaisorblade

Observed behavior: Tor Messenger just gave me an error message saying just "Unknown error". Expected behavior: for proper usability, all error messages include details or instructions for figuring them out. In this case, I'm guessing Tor Messenger should tell me that I can't start a private conversation without first being accepted by the other user (if that's the problem), but I don't know.

I probably did not use Tor Messenger as I should, and I have a very limited understanding of OTR, but I still should get a better error — the current one is unsuitable even for a programmer like me.


In this particular case, for the reference, I was more-or-less following instructions on After creating a Jabber account on the server, I added the author of that article (as he suggests to readers!), and he didn't authorize me yet (and might as well be offline). I opened a conversation with him, and got

12:49:45 - The current conversation is not private.

Meanwhile, two new errors/warnings appeared in the Error Console (see below). Then, I pressed "Start private conversation" with his contact, and I got these new messages, but no new error on the Error Console.

12:49:49 - Attempting to start a private conversation with cyrus.farivar!
12:49:49 - Unknown error

Looking at the first exception shows an uncaught exception during requestRoomInfo; so probably the later error happens because the connection-state is not in a state where I can start a private conversation. Consistently with this hypothesis, my "Known fingerprints" window shows no entry.

Error Console warnings

Timestamp: 1/11/2015, 13:24:23 
Error: uncaught exception: 2147500033
Source File: jar:file:///Applications/!/components/ibConvStatsService.js
Line: 378

Timestamp: 1/11/2015, 13:24:32 
Error: DEPRECATION WARNING: The arguments you're passing to viewSource.xul are using an out-of-date API.
You may find more details about this deprecation at:
chrome://global/content/viewSource.js 316 _loadViewSourceDeprecated
chrome://global/content/viewSource.js 302 onXULLoaded
chrome://global/content/viewSource.js 175 handleEvent
null 0 null

Source File: resource://gre/modules/Deprecated.jsm
Line: 79
#855 Implemented "Unnamed" flag not documented in the context of "s" lines in dir-spec Freed

The "Unnamed" router status flag is mentioned in dir-spec, but missing from the list of all possible router status flags in 3.2, the section about "s" lines.

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#5109 fixed "Unrecognized startup status" starting tbb chiiph arma

When I launch tbb, my status bar briefly says "Unrecognized startup status". I wonder what it is? Is this related to the fix for #4827?

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