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#146 Duplicate Tor Spontaneously Closing on Windows XP SP2 (libevent-related?) phobos Jutral

Greetings. I am running Windows XP Professional, SP2, with all of the latest patches and whatnot. I am unsure what--if any--other information would be relevant to this problem.

I have been having this problem for the last few release candidate versions (probably since While running Tor/Tor-in-Server-Mode the program will, at times, just spontaneously close. Sometimes I will be browsing the Internet through Tor; sometimes it'll just be running in the background; sometimes I won't even be at the computer. It gives no indication that there is a problem; it just shuts down. It can do this anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours after starting the program. I've tried studying the debug logs to see some kind of 'common pattern' among the shutdowns, but have been unable to find one. The only common occurrence is the line:

[err] do_main_loop(): libevent poll with win32 failed: No such file or directory [2]

Searching the Internet/forums for this problem was not able to yield any results/fixes. Considering that it hasn't been reported by anyone else, I would assume this might be a problem with my local setup. But, I thought I would submit it and see if there is any possible reason for this or if I had a genuine bug in the program.

I'd be glad to provide any information that anyone may need. Feel free to ask. And, thanks for any guidance you can provide in attempting to solve the problem.

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#147 Fixed os x installer still references nickm arma

still lists Perhaps it should get autoconfed like the others to keep pace with the version?

[Automatically added by flyspray2trac: Operating System: OSX 10.4 Tiger]

#148 Fixed osx installer creates startup items even if you don't want them arma

Reported by Thomas Hardly:

Finally got around to installing the OSX Tor Bundle. I selected "Customize" for the install and chose to install Tor only and nothing else. The installer installed a Tor directory inside of /Library/StartupItems/. Which contained a file called Tor.loc that contained the text: "Library/Tor" While this is not a valid StartupItem, I didnt choose to install any StartupItem's. It shouldnt be installing anything in that directory.

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