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#1535 fixed Vidalia russian translation file broken runa phobos

LangString: "PolipoAppDesc" 1049 "Óñòàíîâèòü Polipo" LangString expects 3 parameters, got 4. Usage: LangString [un.]name lang_id string !include: error in script: "vidalia_ru.nsh" on line 30

#1537 fixed OSX Vidalia bundle window called idalia chiiph arma

"I don't know if you consider this a bug, but in the Mac OS X Vidalia bundle package, when you launch Vidalia and the window opens, you see "idalia" instead of "Vidalia". May not be your fault, but if it isn't, you should tell the developers about their UI problem. It might be a typo or something causing it not to render the full word correctly."

Reported by Arlen Britton

#1539 fixed Pre-configured bridge relay for Mac OS X phobos phobos

Develop a bundle that on start up turns the user into a published bridge relay. Do so with existing technology.

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