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#31152 worksforme Disqus broken again tbb-team mwolfe

Back in 2018, when Tor upgraded from 7 to 8, the Disqus comment management system stopped working with Tor. I could log in, but the log-in tab could not communicate with the comment tab, so the comment tab did not know I was logged in.

After some time, I enabled all 3rd party cookies, and was able to comment again.

My version of Tor for Mac had been upgraded many times, and stopped connecting due to some cruft it had picked up, so I installed the alpha version. I could connect easily, but I could no longer comment. I changed to allow all cookies, but the log-in tab still could not communicate with the comment tab.

I tried telling Noscript to enable everything on the tab, but no luck.

I switched off Private Mode, but no luck.

I tried to go back to the non-alpha version and downloaded a new copy to the Applications folder, but it could not connect. So I downloaded the non-alpha version to a private folder, and it can connect easily but cannot comment on Disqus.

Again, the log-in tab cannot communicate with the comment tab. When I click log-in a second or third time, I never see the log-in tab (since it knows I'm logged in) so it returns me to the comment tab, where I still cannot comment.

I went to Library and deleted everything that said it was from Tor, but still cannot comment.

Now I cannot comment on Disqus (used by many websites, such as Arcamax and Comics Kingdom). And none of the things that got Disqus working in 2018 work now.

#31150 fixed i can create a ticket qbi fakeanarcat

i am not a spammer i swear

#31148 duplicate Tor is stuck at "Loading Network Status" bornadx
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