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#17099 fixed UI design improvements tbb-team 1941211


I am writing this ticket in regard to propose modifications of the UI design. Is this the right place to share possible improvements of the Tor browser design ?

Thanks in advance

#17108 fixed about:tor UI design improvements tbb-team 1941211

Hello, I've been thinking about making the about:tor page more modern. The main idea was to make small but efficient improvements. Thus, only the css style-sheet has changes. Here are the suggestions :

  • #middle div.container :

Add an inner shadow (box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.3);) and delete the border. This makes the implantation of the divs smoother without emphasizing them. To give the impression of a band, space between the two divs needed to be reduced. I suggest to pull the inner borders to the center (changing width to 300px, padding from 10px 10px to 10px 20px and moving div.three to left: 480px). Also, align the bottom of the divs (min-height: 13.5em) for the band illusion.

  • Search bar (#sxw) :

Same idea as the middle divs of using shadow to delete the border in order to make the page smoother. But in this case, I think the search bar should be emphasized because it's one of the most important piece of the page. So I thought about deleting border-top/left/right/bottom to erase the border line, add a padding of 3px (and wider the .searchbox form to 402px to make it fits) and put a white background to the #sxw.

A screenshot of what it would looks like is attached to this ticket.

What do you think about it ? I look forward to hearing from your reactions.

#17187 invalid New header for Sebastian 1941211

Hello, Here is a proposition of a new header for the (newHeader.png which could replace the actual actualHeader.png). The point is to put all the links in one section (and to reduce the height of the header without remove useful links). With this shape, the possibility of making an always visible header (even when scrolling down) is opened.

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