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#836 fixed Redesign Security Settings > Startup Preferences to reduce confusion. d-man97

3 Main Cases: 1) Normal startup

a) Start in non-tor state. b) Start in tor state. c) Shutdown state. [All 3 of these cases should work with all 3 settings in Firefox's "When Firefox Starts:" Options.]

2) Normal startup, restoring saved tabs

a) Restore only non-tor pages. b) Restore only tor pages. (I don't know why someone would want this, but...) c) Restore tor and non-tor pages. [For b & c, this would require tor to be activated upon startup, no matter what is selected in 1.]

3) Crash recovery (AKA session restore).

It is incorrect to list this as "crash recovery or session restored startup", there is no OR. When you restart after a crash, the button says "Restore Session", meaning they ARE THE SAME THING. a) Restore non-tor pages. b) Restore tor pages. c) RESTORE BOTH. (Why is this missing? If it is not, it is VERY unclear.) Also, saying "Restore via" is confusing. Restore via tor what? Via tor history? Sometimes, no tor history is saved! The prevent check boxes:

OK as is, but, if I prevent it from saving tor tabs, then the restore via Tor radio button should be grayed out. How can I restore via tor, if I don't save tor data? Same with Prevent non-tor, gray out restore via non-tor.

Boxes need to be grayed out if other settings override them or make them useless. This is for ALL settings on ALL pages, not just the ones I'm talking about.

Note: Firefox uses the History to restore saved tabs; therefore, anything that prevents History actions should notify the user that those tabs will not be restored no matter what Startup prefs are set.

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#863 fixed Relay crashes OSX 10.3.9 downie

Tor v0.2.0.31 (r16744). Mac OSX10.3.9 500Mhz 640Mb Libevent 1.4.7 ORPort 9001 Running a Tor relay consistently crashes the machine after a few hours (black screen of death). No other desktop software is running apart from Anti-virus and PGP-Desktop memory-resident programs. Little Snitch is also running, it is set to allow Tor any network connection. The torrc is the bare minimum, apart from an Address line to avoid a bug with dynamic IP not being detected correctly

(submitted separately). Bandwidth is limited for 512k upload. Logging is currently at Notice level. Tell me what to log and how please!

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#872 fixed Endless loop of requests if broken resolves. rovv

Client to ignore all DNS answers with local addresses by default (v However, it lead connection_edge_process_end_not_open() to endless loop of connections attempt (connection_ap_detach_retriable()) via the same exit, if relay cell (END_STREAM_REASON_EXITPOLICY) contains local addresses. Attached some ideas of fix.

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