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#152 Fixed Hidden Services resolving issues Grill

It would seem that hidden services do not resolve to what you might expect. I found this issue with an incorrectly appended www on the front of my hidden service, i.e. www.[myhiddenhostremoved].onion which took me to another hidden service (with a pink heart motif favicon) which definitely wasn't mine, although it was just a blank page.

I tested a few others, and found that www.onion took me to the webpage of

Are these resolving oddities intentional, or is there a problem here?

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#153 Fixed control-spec does not cover password authentication rm

The section in the control-spec.txt about the AUTHENTICATE message (3.8) is a bit unclear on the format in which to send the credentials. The cookie authentication is only mentioned, but no message format given, and the password authentication is not mentioned at all.

(The cookie auth message is quite easy to figure out by trying, though - just send the cookie file as the message body.)

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#154 Fixed replicable server crash by control message on win2k nickm rm

I found this while trying to implement the password authentication of the tor control protocol. On Windows 2000 Professional, tor, the server can be replicably crashed by the following procedure:

  • set a HashedControlPassword in the torrc
  • start tor
  • open a local tcp connection to the ControlPort
  • send a byte sequence like 00 04 00 07 49 50 51 00 (4 bytes length, message type AUTHENTICATE, any password [in this case "123"], null terminator)

On my machine, the server crashes immediately. Example log:

Jun 04 21:54:35.046 [notice] Tor v0.1.0.8-rc. This is experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity. Jun 04 21:54:35.109 [notice] Initialized libevent version 1.1 using method win32 Jun 04 21:54:48.437 [err] crypto_seed_rng(): Can't get CryptoAPI provider [2], error code: 8009000f Jun 04 21:54:50.625 [notice] router_orport_found_reachable(): Your ORPort is reachable from the outside. Excellent. Publishing server descriptor. Jun 04 21:54:50.765 [notice] Tor has successfully opened a circuit. Looks like it's working. Jun 04 21:54:51.406 [notice] directory_handle_command_get(): Client asked for the mirrored directory, but we don't have a good one yet. Sending 503 Dir not available. Jun 04 21:55:01.703 [err] _tor_malloc(): Out of memory. Dying.

At the time of testing, the machine had >200 MB of physical RAM available, so it's not an actual memory shortage.

Some lines of my torrc:

ControlPort 9696 ClientOnly 1 HashedControlPassword oGd9L4OZ3aBgsMS4044OjH1UDd0tYfh3E1RZZcY= #CookieAuthentication 1

The rest are just standard settings.

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