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#1568 wontfix Implement new dirreq share in ERNIE to fix "Recurring users" graphs Karsten karsten

The current dirreq-v3-share that directory mirrors report and that we use to generate "Recurring users" graphs is broken. That means these graphs are broken right now. Once we have a replacement (based on the descriptor archives), implement the new dirreq share calculation in ERNIE and fix the graphs.

#1630 implemented Extend database schema by materialized views Karsten karsten

The current database schema in ERNIE consists of tables and views. In order to support ad-hoc queries for dynamic graphs, we need to have materialized views plus a good concept to keep them updated. Update strategies range from (1) periodically re-generating the whole materialized views, (2) collecting changes on base tables and updating only those parts of materialized views that might have changed, and (3) triggering materialized view changes from table changes. While (1) is easiest to implement, it's infeasible for the amount of data in the database. (2) and (3) are harder to implement, but better fit the use case of having data covering multiple years in the database and adding data covering an hour or two. (2) is probably more efficient than (3), but even harder to implement. Kevin is working on this and might have results in July 2010.

#1631 implemented Extend dynamic metrics portal prototype to all graphs Karsten karsten

The dynamic metrics portal prototype consists of a website with a form to choose the graph to display and a servlet that calls R to generate the requested graph. The prototype works for graphs on network size only and is still a bit rough around the edges. When extending the prototype to other graphs, also unify their size to 0.75 and place the legend at the top.

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