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#6048 wontfix "Authenticating to Tor" stage permanently chiiph TheDude

I looked up this issue (yes, I did try) and the remedy you seem to suggest is to check if other versions of Vidalia or Tor are running - I have no other versions running and I do not have the authentication setting turned on in the preferences and yet it just stays on "Authenticating to Tor" no matter what. It will also ask for a password on startup. Now what I do in practice is just cancel this and ignore the "Authenticating to Tor" (as it connects and bootstraps anyway) but it seems shoddy and a bug that the GUI continues to state "Authenticating..."

#3363 fixed "Authenticating to Tor" step takes very long when network window is open chiiph Sebastian

stopping tor and restarting it usually is a very quick process, because all the relevant documents are already cached etc. When the network window is opened this step takes a very long time while the flags are fetched/updated tho, and display of Tor's activity is delayed.

#15267 fixed "Backend error!" for combined search examples karsten cypherpunks

The combined search examples on result in this error for me on both Firefox 36.0.1 and Safari 7.1.3:

The backend server replied with an error to your query. This probably means that you did not properly format your query. If your query was properly formatted it may mean that there is an issue with your browser/add-ons. Please report which browser/addons/etc. you're using to the bug tracker.

Custom combined searches like "flag:Authority country:us" result in the error.

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