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#15267 fixed "Backend error!" for combined search examples karsten cypherpunks

The combined search examples on result in this error for me on both Firefox 36.0.1 and Safari 7.1.3:

The backend server replied with an error to your query. This probably means that you did not properly format your query. If your query was properly formatted it may mean that there is an issue with your browser/add-ons. Please report which browser/addons/etc. you're using to the bug tracker.

Custom combined searches like "flag:Authority country:us" result in the error.

#7591 wontfix "Bug: Duplicate call to connection_mark_for_close at directory.c" tmpname0901

After reading about bufferevents in the v0.2.3.25 release notes I added "--enable-bufferevents" to my Tor config. Now I intermittently get this error:

[warn] Bug: Duplicate call to connection_mark_for_close at directory.c:3571 (first at directory.c:3571)

By "intermittently" I mean I've gotten this error 19 times in the past 11 hours, logged in groups of 2 - 6 at a time.

No errors of this type are seen with v0.2.3.25 when not configuring for bufferevents.

Are bufferevents supposed to be ready for prime time, or is this still a feature in development?

#6149 wontfix "Censorship-timeline" for Tor phw

It was shortly discussed on #tor-dev that some sort of "censorship-timeline" for Tor would be helpful. In particular, this should provide:

  • Detailed technical analyses of the censorship mechanisms in place (DPI fingerprints and manufacturers, traceroutes, ...)
  • Code and data to reproduce all experiments
  • Tor patches and standalone tools to evade the censorship devices

After all, this timeline should serve as a comprehensive archive for all people interested in how Tor is getting blocked. It should make it easy to answer questions such as "What happened to Tor in country X back in Y?".

There are also some open questions:

  • How should the data be structured? In form of a timeline? Or country based? Something else?
  • What data should be published and when? Full disclosure too early in the process helps the censors.
  • How should it be presented? In a wiki page or a standalone web site?
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