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#7514 wontfix "Configure controlport automatically" is mysteriously missing when Vidalia couldn't start Tor chiiph arma

When a Windows user is running Tor already and starts TBB, it fails to start Tor because Tor can't bind to 9050 / 9051. When this happens, Vidalia chooses not to display the "Configure controlport automatically" button on its Settings -> Advanced page.

The workaround for people who want to run multiple Tors is "close all your other Tors before starting TBB, and then tell TBB to switch to switch to auto". It would be good if Vidalia could handle this directly though -- i.e. if it failed to start Tor, still offer the option to switch Tor to auto.

A simpler approach that would still help here would be to leave the clickbox in, but grey it out if you don't want the user clicking it.

#5086 not a bug "Control socket is not connected" when starting TOR/Vidalia chiiph kalender

I don't know why. But TOR/Vidalia just stopped working for me. I've never had any problem with it. Just installed and launched without any error messages.

Still, this message pops up:

"Vidalia was unable to authenticate to the Tor software. (Control socket is not connected).

Please check your control port authentication settings"


Googled for it without any success. Reinstalled Vidalia/TOR x times, installed the latest version (Alpha), etc etc. Why won't it work anymore? I havent change any setting at all. Anywhere.

Version: vidalia-bundle- Windows XP

Please, help.

Thanks in advance, /K

#5076 duplicate "Could not setup the environment of the managed proxy" when using init script asn

tor needs to pass the values of the environment variables PATH and HOME to the managed proxy. If it can't find those variables in its environment, it will fail with:

[warn] Could not setup the environment of the managed proxy at '/usr/local/bin/obfsproxy'.

People have encountered this, when they tried to use managed proxies with an init. script, and they init. script didn't set up those two variables before spawning tor.

We should work around this.

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