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#33011 fixed Remove erroneous logging around pt.*Error calls dcf dcf

#31794 added logging around every function call that returns an error type; but this is the wrong thing to do in the case of functions like pt.CmethodError, pt.SmethodError, and pt.ProxyError. These functions are called for their side effect of sending a PT error message on stdout; it happens that they also return a representation of the error message as an error object for the caller to use if it wishes. They always return a non-nil error object; a non-nil error is not an exceptional event to be logged.

#33006 fixed Fix test-stem `test_take_ownership_via_controller` failure teor teor

Stem's test_take_ownership_via_controller test fails when run in Travis CI. This is a recent failure, some time in the last month or two.

See, for example:

We're trying to work out if it's a Tor or Stem issue right now, here's the corresponding Stem ticket:

#33005 fixed Lower log level of standard error messages from PT's ahf ahf

While trying to reproduce #32034 I noticed we were logging messages sent from a PT on stderr with warn as log level, which is probably too high.

Already wrote a patch for it in #32034, but I need to update the changes file to use this ticket ID.

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