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#23871 fixed Atlas top-10 drop down broken Hedylogos phoul

When navigating to there is a drop down menu which allows you to select to show more results. Selecting any of the options do not seem to cause any effect.

This drop down should likely be fixed or removed from the top-10 page.

#23883 implemented document how to get Travis CI running on your fork of tor Hello71 catalyst
#24119 fixed channel_rsa_id_group_set_badness spends a lot of time in malloc/free Hello71 Hello71

in particular, a very large proportion (~25%) of allocations made seem to be "temporary", i.e. an allocation is made and then freed before any other allocations are made. possibly a portion of these are due to the second loop, but I was wondering if it is possible that the function is called with an empty list, and if that is a problem.

regardless, I have written a patch to use ht instead of only smartlists, which should very slightly increase the memory usage and moderately decrease the CPU usage in this function.

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